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Cavallo Girasol Softshell Tail Coat http://www.classicdressage.com//images/girasol.jpg

The Ladies Cavallo Girasol softshell tailcoat is a double-breasted, six button classic tailcoat. It is fully lined with a weighted tail, to give the most flattering look.

Anky Softshell Tailcoat http://www.classicdressage.com//images/ankytails.jpg

Gorgeous softshell tailcoat from Anky. This jacket is lightweight, breathable, wind and water resistant and beautifully fitted.

Equiline Cadence Tailcoat http://www.classicdressage.com//images/m00405cadence.jpg

Very elegant, sleek and flattering.

Breathable, water repellant and washable.

Crystal detail 

Pikeur Softshell Tailcoat http://www.classicdressage.com//images/softshelltail.png

Pikeur tailcoat comes in a new superstretch jersey style fabric

Elegant and showy

Truly beautiful 

Pikeur Jersey Fabric Tailcoat http://www.classicdressage.com//images/182_frackjersey_525_a.jpg

Superstretch Jersey Style Fabric

Elegant and Showy

Crystal and Stud detailing

Points and Pockets Supplied in three colours

Pikeur Ladies Tailcoat http://www.classicdressage.com//images/162_damen-frack_basic.jpg

The perfect classic tailcoat renowned for style and quality. The tailcoat is made from pure wool and gilt buttons. Leather lined weighted tails and canary false waistcoat points.

Pikeur Mens Tailcoat http://www.classicdressage.com//images/362_585_herrenfrack.jpg

Pikeur mens tailcoat is an elegant style of jacket in a high quality material making it a perfect fit.

Pikeur Tailcoat with McCrown Collar and Points http://www.classicdressage.com//images/162_damen-frack_71.jpg

New Pikeur Tailcoat in high wool fabric material

Features McCrown leather coloured collar and points and stunning new decorative varnished buttons.


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