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Equiline Cecile

New model X grip

Silicone grip

High waist, front pocket with zip


Equiline Augusta Breech

New Equiline augusta breech. Very eye catching detal on the front and back with shiny beats as seen in the photo. You could wear these for everyday or use them for competition.

Equiline Tiffany Breech

New Equiline breeches, the most stunning tiffany colour with embroidered detail at the back. A must have for this spring, make a fashion statement.

Full seat breech (image shows knees only)

Equiline Sophie Breech Blue

Equiline Sophie Breech - Grip seat, beautiful crystal detailing - and best still here in stock for Christmas!

Equiline Sophie Breech White

Equiline Sophie Breech - beautiful new competition line with subtle pocket sparkle.  As usual, an absolutely stunning range from Equiline..

Equiline Deitra Grip Breech

These elegant ladies breeches have eye catching detail. It's popular grip seat is just part of the reason why these breeches are a big hit with the everyday rider.

Equiline Ally

Grip seat

Slim fit

Contrasting coloured logo

Equiline Cedar

X Grip full seat

Stretch fastening system around the ankle

Available in white, navy and marsh

Equiline Xiumin

X grip full seat breech

Two front pockets and two back silver pockets


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