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Sprenger Mullen Mouth Snaffle

New BD Legal bit!  Sprenger comfort mouth designed for the large and fleshy tongue.  Encourages the contact forward.  16mm mouthpiece.

Sprenger Max Control

The MAX-Control is a double-jointed bit which, at a first glance, cannot be distinguished from other double-jointed loose ring snaffles.

40530 Sprenger Flex Control

Flex Control is a single jointed bit with the joint covered with a soft and flexible rubber coat to protect tender mouth spots of sensitive horses.


40600 Sprenger KK Ultra 21mm

KK Ultra 21mm. 

40604 Sprenger KK Ultra 16mm

Sprenger KK Ultra Snaffle.  16mm.   The bit that you can start your young horse with and train up the levels.

40606 Sprenger KK Ultra 18mm

KK Ultra 18mm bit.  Sensogan.

40609 Sprenger WH Ultra 16mm

WH Ultra 16mm bit with roller in centre section.  Sensogan.

40612 Sprenger WH Ultra Soft 16mm

WH Ultra Soft.  16mm.  Sensogan

40605 Sprenger KK Ultra 14mm No Description Available
40356 Sprenger Novocontact Eggbutt

Sprenger Novocontact Double Jointed Snaffle with Eggbutt sides.  

40414 Sprenger Dynamic RS Eggbutt 14mm

Sprenger Dynamic RS Eggbutt Style snaffle.  14mm

40424 Sprenger Dynamic RS 14mm

Sprenger Dynamic RS Loose RIng Snaffle 14mm

40426 Sprenger Dynamic RS 16mm

Sprenger Dynamic RS Loose Ring Snaffle 16mm

40587 Sprenger Turnado 16mm

Turnado loose-ring snaffle 16mm

40344 Sprenger Novocontact Single Jointed Eggbutt

Novocontact bit in the single jointed product comes with eggbutt sides.  Sensogan.

40540 Sprenger Novocontact Single Jointed 16mm

Novocontact bit in the single jointed product comes with eggbutt sides.  Sensogan.

40415 Sprenger WH Ultra D-Ring 16mm

D Ring snaffle with patented lozenge with WH Ultra middle rotating link.  Sensogan.

40422 Sprenger Dynamic RS Loose Ring

The Dynamic RS Loose-ring is ideal for horses that are overactive in the mouth - and play too much with the lozenge. 


40428 Sprenger Dynamic RS WH Ultra Eggbutt Style

Sprenger Dynamic Eggbutt Style.  Combines the advantages of the Dynamic and the WH Ultra in one unique bit design.  Made in Sensogan.

Sprenger KK Ultra Full Cheek

Sprenger 40606 - with lozenge but with full cheeks

Sprenger KK Snaffle 18mm

The bit lies perfectly on the tongue ensuring effective rein aids.

Helpful for strong horses

40456 Sprenger Novocontact 16mm

Sprenger Novocontact Loose ring snaffle with lozenge.  16mm

40610 Sprenger WH Ultra 18mm

Sprenger WH Ultra Snaffle.  Middle link has revolving disc to help concentrate  the horse.  18mm

40406 Sprenger Dynamic RS Eggbutt 16mm

Sprenger Dynamic RS Eggbutt Style 16mm

40408 Sprenger Dynamic RS Eggbutt single jointed 16mm

Sprenger Dynamic RS Eggbutt Style, single jointed.  16mm.  Ideal for horses that tend to play with the mouthpiece.

40588 Sprenger Turnado 18mm

Turnado loose-ring snaffle 18mm

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