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Pikeur breeches

Pikeur are our best selling breeches. We carry hundreds of pairs in stock but if we don't have exactly what you want we are happy to special order it for you. We only stock the top-of-the-range fabrics with microfibre. We stock regular and long lengths as standard, and usually a small selection of slim and short legs.
There are 23 products in this selection.
Pikeur Breech Swatch

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Pikeur Breech Swatch2

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Pikeur Princess Breeches


Meredith II Breeches


Pikeur Lugana 'Slim' Breeches


Pikeur Lugana Breeches


Prisca Breech


Pikeur Ciara Breeches


Pikeur Prisca Grip


Pikeur Lugana Winter Breeches


Pikeur Lugana Contrast Breeches


Pikeur Lucinda Grip


Lucinda Breeches


Pikeur Lantana Breech


Pikeur Cindy Breeches


Luciana Comfort Breech


Meredith I Breeches


Pikeur Mondega Breeches


Candela Jean Breeches


Pikeur Candela Breeches


Pikeur Grandessa Seasonal Breech

£175.00  £157.50

Pikeur Piana Contrast Full Seat Breech


Pikeur Badira Jean Breech


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