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Konig Dressage Boots

A superior boot that steps up to the mark for both professional and amateur. Available in three models; Sir, Grandgester and Komet.
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Konig Dressage Boots Information and Ordering Details

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Konig Leather Cream


Heel Raisers


Comfort Insoles


Leather Insoles with Heel Raiser


Equitree Boot Tree


Konig Padded Boot Bag


Colour Options for Konig Dressage Boots


Matching Colour Spur Straps


Short/Quarter Zip for Konig Dressage Boots


Discreet Inside Gusset


Lambskin Lining


Konig Favorit Boot with Front Zip


Konig Favorit Boot with Front Zip


Konig Komet Dressage Boot with Front Zip


Konig Grandgester and Sir Dressage Boot with Front Zip


Konig Polo Boot with front zip


Konig Excelsior Dressage Boot


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