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Samshield Liner http://www.classicdressage.com//images/samshield_liner_shadowmatt.jpg

Hat liners are designed to fit the ASTM F1163/SEI Safety Standard helmets.

Padded all round and is quick and easy to clip onto the hat

Easily washable 

Samshield Premium Black http://www.classicdressage.com//images/blackpremium.jpg

Samshield Premium Helmet.  

Premium Black Kids Helmet http://www.classicdressage.com//images/blackpremium.jpg

Samshield Black helmet - size 51-55cm - no VAT

Premium Blue Kids Helmet http://www.classicdressage.com//images/navypremium.jpg

Samshield Premium Helmet - size 51-55cm - no VAT

Samshield Premium Brown http://www.classicdressage.com//images/brownpremium.jpg

Samshield Premium Helmet

Samshield Premium Grey http://www.classicdressage.com//images/greypremium.jpg

Samshield Premium Helmet

Samshield Premium Grey Kids Helmet http://www.classicdressage.com//images/greypremium.jpg

Samshield Premium Helmet - size 51-55cm - no VAT

Shadowmatt Black Kids Helmet http://www.classicdressage.com//images/shadowblack.jpg

Shadowmatt in black up to size 55cm - no VAT

Samshield Shadowmatt Black http://www.classicdressage.com//images/samshield_shadowmatt.jpg

Shadowmatt Black Helmet

Samshield Shadowmatt Blue http://www.classicdressage.com//images/shadownavy(1).jpg

Shadowmatt Blue 

Samshield Shadowmatt Brown http://www.classicdressage.com//images/shadowbrown.jpg

Shadowmatt Brown

Shadowmatt Blue Kids Helmet http://www.classicdressage.com//images/shadownavy(1).jpg

Shadowmatt Blue - up to size 55cm - no VAT

Shadowmatt Brown Kids Helmet http://www.classicdressage.com//images/shadowbrown.jpg

Shadowmatt Brown - size up to 55cm - no VAT

Samshield Carbon Helmet http://www.classicdressage.com//images/vignette-xj-noir.jpg

Stunning Carbon Helmet from Samshield

Providing extreme comfort and safety.

Exceptional ventilation 

Certified all standards


Samshield Premium Blue http://www.classicdressage.com//images/navypremium.jpg

Samshield Premium Blue

Samshield Premium Brown Kid http://www.classicdressage.com//images/brownpremium.jpg

Samshield Premium helmet - size 51-55cm - no VAT

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