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Derriere Performance String http://www.classicdressage.com//images/12004819_766802736761529_945407425939179010_n.jpg

The G is designed to eradicate seamlines

Style and quality second to none

Easy to wash

Derriere Performance Padded Boxers http://www.classicdressage.com//images/black_padded_shorty1m.jpg

Derriere Equestrian Mens Padded Shorty.  Available in 3 colours.

Derriere Mens Performance Boxers http://www.classicdressage.com//images/black_seemless_shorty1m.jpg

Derriere Equestrian Mens Performance Boxer.  Available in 3 colours.

Derriere Performance Padded Panty http://www.classicdressage.com//images/performance_panty_nude_1.jpg

Derriere Equestrian Padded Panty, available in 4 colours.

Derriere Performance Panty http://www.classicdressage.com//images/black_panty3.jpg

Derriere Equetrian Performance Panty, available in 4 colours.

Derriere Performance Padded Shorty http://www.classicdressage.com//images/white_padded_shorty1.jpg

Derriere Equestrian Paddede Shorty.  Available in 3 colours.

Derriere Performance Shorty http://www.classicdressage.com//images/purple_seemless_shorty1.jpg

Derriere Equestrian Performance Shorty.  Available in 3 colours.

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