Wireless Headsets - WHIS

Wireless Headsets - WHIS

WHIS is a wireless instruction system allowing communication between rider and instructor.  Incredibly clear and without delay or echo the system can be one way or two way.  Its compact and lightweight design is user friendly and comfortable.  Once you have it you'll never want to train without it!

See our WHIS guide here: https://www.classicdressage.com/content/wireless-communication-for-rider-trainer-the-choice-of-charlotte-dujardin.aspx

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WHIS Rotatable Ear Piece http://www.classicdressage.com//images/whisrotational.jpg

NEW COLLECTION! Rotatable earpiece to use on the left or on the right ear, with stereo plug.

WHIS Wireless Earpiece http://www.classicdressage.com//images/465901715.jpg

No need for a pack - rider jsut needs the wireless earpiece.

For WHIS Competition only.

WHIS Wireless Headset http://www.classicdressage.com//images/wirelessheadset.jpg

Wireless receiver means the rider does not need a pack - just the earpiece!

WHIS Hook Shaped Head Piece http://www.classicdressage.com//images/hookearpiece.jpg

WHIS's hook shaped earpiece, sits over the top of the ear and inside.

WHIS Microphone http://www.classicdressage.com//images/40873955.jpg

WHIS microphone, clips onto a t-shirt or jacket to become hands free.

Competition or one way.

WHIS Charger http://www.classicdressage.com//images/charger.jpg

Plugs into the mains and charges 2 units at a time.

WHIS Competition D Head Piece with Microphone http://www.classicdressage.com//images/381101481.png

WHIS's D-shaped earpiece sits around the entire ear for a secure feeling. Microphone attached.

WHIS D Shaped Head Piece http://www.classicdressage.com//images/dearpiece.jpg

WHIS's D-shaped earpiece sits around the entire ear for a secure feeling.

WHIS Competition http://www.classicdressage.com//images/whiscomp.jpg

WHIS Competition Headset

Two way connection - works up to 100 metres

Ready to use out of the box


WHIS Original http://www.classicdressage.com//images/blueonbox.jpg

WHIS One Way Headset

Instructor and Rider unit

Extremely Light

280m range

15hr battery life 

Ready to use out of the box.


WHIS Original Duo http://www.classicdressage.com//images/orange3.jpg

WHIS One Way Double Headset

Light and easy to use, one instructor and two rider units.

Ready to use out of the box



Classic Dressage Gift Voucher http://www.classicdressage.com//images/vouchergiftbox2018.jpg


Select your value and your voucher will arrive in a box tied with silk ribbon!  


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