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Valegro the Legend

The Blueberry stories - Book 6.  This book is the  final part of the story of the amazing Valegro!

The Girl On The Dancing Horse

CHARLOTTE DUJARDIN Girl on the Dancing Horse

The story of an outsider, an unconventional horse and the incredible bond that took them to the top.

272 pages

All About Long Reining

This book explains basic long reining and Paul Fielder, an international dressage trainer, shows how his methods achieve success in this skill. 

Paperback 29 pages 1999

Vetting the Horse

The procedure of vetting is critical to anyone who ever intends buying or selling a horse.

Paperback 24 pages 1994

The Blueberry Stories Book 4 Valegro Goes International

Valegro Goes International continues the story of the most famous and successful dressage horse in the world.

Valegros Farewell DVD

This is a tribute to the greatest dressage horse the world has ever seen!  Presented by Horse & Country TV's Jenny Rudall.  "He is in every way the perfect horse"  Charlotte Dujardin.

The Blueberry Stories Book 3 A Rising Star

In the third Valegro book, he's showing his star potential - but there's one thing missing - the perfect rider to accompany him on his amazing journey!

The Blueberry Stories Book 2 The Early Years

In this, the second book in the children's series Valegro, Blueberry as he is known at home, begins his schooling under the experienced eye of his owner and trainer Carl Hester. 


Valegro - Champion Horse book

By overwhelming demand this amazing book is being reprinted - for a third run!  Due mid February - pre-order here

The Blueberry Stories Book 1 The Little Horse With the Big Dream

The first in a series for children that tells the real-life story of Valegro, known to his friends as Blueberry.

Getting To Greenwich DVD

Horse & Country TV takes you behind the scenes to meet 8 potential Olympic and Paralympic equestrians. 

Valegro The Blueberry Stories Full Set

All six books in the 'Blueberry Stories' collection.


The Perfect Laterals Trilogy

Three films in one...

On The Bit The Classical Way

Perfect Laterals Travers Towards Half Pass

Perfect Laterals Shoulder In

Riding a Dressage Test

Riding a Dressage Test demystifies the requirements for dressage competition at preliminary, novice and elementary levels.

Paperback 23 pages 2001

Ride With Your Mind Essentials

The author's Ride with your Mind teaching methods can successfully turn average riders into talented ones.

Dressage with Mind, Body and Soul

Linda Tellington-Jones is the internationally recognized equine expert who developed the Tellington Method approach to healing, training, and communicating that can be learned by riders of all levels. 

Saddle Fitting

Saddle Fitting is a comprehensive guide to choosing and fitting the most important item of your tack. 

The Blueberry Stories Book 5 Going for Gold

Going for Gold is the fifth book in the Blueberry stories, written by one of the most admired and respected dressage riders and trainers in the world, Carl Hester. 

Understanding Nervousness In Horse and Rider

First published in 1990 and written with the everyday rider in mind, this popular title has been expanded by various authorities in order to widen both its appeal and usefulness. 

Classic Dressage Gift Voucher


Select your value and your voucher will arrive in a box tied with silk ribbon!  


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