Girths & Girth Sleeves

Girths & Girth Sleeves

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Fairfax Dressage Girth Sleeve

Soft liner for the Fairfax girth.  Made by Nuumed in the UK - smart, comfortable, practical and easy to look after.  Wool/Mesh.

Griffin Nuumed Dressage Girth Sleeve

Smart, practical and very easy to put around a girth. Made using our Classic wool with velcro fastening along the length of the girth. Available in 20", 26" & 30" lengths.

Griffin Nuumed Dressage Girth Sleeve Short

Dressage girth made with a quilt outer and a wool on the inner.

Available in 3 lengths


Amerigo Elastic Dressage Girth

Humanely shaped girth to avoid pinching and allow maximum movement



Fairfax Prolite Dressage Girth Black

The unique Fairfax dressage girth.  Available in black or brown, normal or narrow, size 22"-34".

Fairfax Dressage Girth

The unique Fairfax dressage girth in black leather.   Normal or narrow gauge.  Available with training aid ring - just let us know if you'd like that.

OS Girth

Beautifully contoured and super soft OS girth. 3 availble colours - Please allow 4 weeks for delivery but we will always mail you with what is in stock for immediate delivery.

Amerigo Protector Girth

New technology  - but with the usual quality of Amerigo

Fairfax Prolite Dressage Girth Brown

The unique Fairfax dressage girth in Prolite.  Available in black or brown, normal or narrow, size 22"-34".

Passier Blu Soft Girth

This girth is super soft and has recesses for elbow freedom.  D ring in the centra for attaching auxiliary reins.  

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