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40201 Sprenger KK Ultra Bradoon 12mm

KK Ultra 12mm bradoon. 


40214 Sprenger Dynamic RS Bradoon 14mm

Sprenger Dynamic loose ring bradoon 14mm

40212 Sprenger Loose Ring Bradoon

Loose Ring snaffles are the most common types of bit.

They provide direct pressure without leverage. When the reins are pulled the rider’s aids are directed onto the tongue and its edges.

Sprenger Eggbutt Bradoon

40362 Eggbutt Bradoon.  16mm

40200 Sprenger KK Ultra Bradoon 14mm

One of the finest  bradoons on the market. You'll see this model on most horses because it is one of the best.

40244 Dynamic RS Eggbutt Bradoon 14m

Sprenger Dynamic RS Bradoon Eggbutt Style 14mm

40256 Novocontact Double Jointed Bradoon

Sprenger Novocontact loose ring bradoon, double jointed.  12mm

40224 Sprenger KK Ultra Bradoon 16mm

When you're looking for a slightly thicker bradoon - here is the best selling KK Ultra in 16mm.  Sensogan.

40226 Sprenger WH Ultra Bradoon 16mm

Bradoon with roller in the centre lozenge.  Sensogan.

40227 Sprenger WH Ultra Bradoon 14mm

Sprenger WH Ultra Snaffle.  14mm.  Middle link has unique roller in the centre to help focus the horse.

40215 Sprenger Dynamic RS Bradoon 14mm

Sprenger Dynamic RS Loose ring bradoon 14mm

40245 Sprenger Dynamic Single Joint RS Bradoon

Sprenger Dynamic RS Eggbutt Style, single jointed.  14mm.  Ideal for horses that tend to play with the mouthpiece.

40287 Sprenger Turnado Bradoon 14mm

Sprenger Turnado Bradoon 14mm

Sprenger KK Shaped Bradoon

HALF PRICE - We are discounting all Aurigan Bits! Sale bits are Aurigan ONLY! Single-jointed bit with unique mouthpiece that eliminates nutcracker action.

40367 Sprenger KK Ultra Eggbutt Bradoon

40367 KK Ultra Eggbutt Bradoon. 14mm

40222 Sprenger KK Bradoon

HALF PRICE - We are discounting all Aurigan Bits! Sale bits are Aurigan ONLY! 40222 KK Bradoon 14mm.

40240 Novocontact Single Jointed Bradoon

Sprenger Novocontact Single jointed bradoon 12mm

Sprenger KK Ultra Bradoon 14mm - Shine Bright

Worlds cannot describe the stunning bit from Sprenger with your choice of coloured Swarovski crystal embedded in the side.  Please allow 4 weeks for special production.

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