Grooming Products & Accessories

Grooming Products & Accessories

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Fairfax Rapide Leather Gel

Recommended by Fairfax, the Rapide Leather Gel feeds and cleans your high end leatherwork in one process.  200ml

Alan Davies Signature Collection

Brand New!  The Alan Davies Signature pack of grooming brushes.  Who better than the Head Travelling Groom of Carl Hester to create this range.


Anky Total Skin Care

Anky own range of lotions and potions are working wonders!


Equest Crystal Plaiting Bands

Very blingy plaiting bands

Looks so sparkly on your horse and a must have when competing 

Equest Small Crystal Plaiting Bands

Stunning crystal plaiting bands 

Perfect for added sparkle


Plaiting Bands No Description Available
Net-Tex Mane and Tail Detangler

Instant detangler that seals and coats the hair preventing knots and reduce grooming time. Apply to wet or dry to leave the mane and tail soft, shiny and clean. Helps repel dust and dirt.

Net-Tex Everyday Shampoo 1litre

Everyday conditioning shampoo is low foaming and easy rinse. Ideal for daily use on all coats leaving a smooth lustrous finish. It does not remove the coats natural protective oils.

Body Bandage

New to us at Classic Dressage is this useful body bandage from LoveHorses in Italy.  Designed for the sensitive skinned horse who gets marked easily.

Bremsenbremse Fly Gel 250ml

This is the best invention for horse that dont like sprays. Perfect to put around the ears and around the head *avoiding contact with eyes*

3 Fairfax Rapide Leather Gel x

3 Pack-Recommended by Fairfax, the Rapide Leather Gel feeds and cleans your high end leatherwork in one process.  200ml

Net-Tex Plaiting Spray 200ml No Description Available
Net-Tex Hoof Oil

Non-spirit oil that will nourish and protect whilst allowing the hoof to breathe. Gives an instant show ring shine and contains antibacterial agents for extra protection.

Net-Tex Coat Shine

Ultimate coat dressing to produce a stunning, high shine finish to all coat types, it is a non oily formulation, seals and coats hair as well as repelling dust, dirt and prevents staining. Use as a pre clipping spray to reduce clipping lines.

Net-Tex Stain Remover

Stain remover is quick and effective which removes ingrained grass and stable stains. Suitable to use on all skin types and coat colours. Use regularly to prevent the build up of stains on the coat.

Net-Tex Plaiting Spray 500ml No Description Available
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