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Passier Blu Dream Double Bridle

PASSIERBLU Dream Double Bridle

Anatomically-formed, softly lined head piece the double bridle is very comfortable for the horse.

The noseband is also anatomically-formed and padded.

Passier Weymouth Rein

PASSIER Weymouth Rein

Hook and stud fastening.

Passier Eventa Reins

PASSIER Eventa Reins

Smooth, somewhat wider elastic rubber reins with practical stops.

Passier Half Rubber Reins

PASSIER Half Rubber Reins

Durable leather reins with one side non-slip rubber.

Passierblu Spirit Snaffle Bridle

Perfect for every horse and so comfortable!

Your horse will hardly feel this snaffle bridle, because the head piece is anatomically-formed, softly lined and contoured around the horse’s ears.

Reins included

Passier Ingrid Klimke Snaffle

Flat hook stud style snaffle with its sparkling strass crystal browband

Reins not included

Passier Neptune Snaffle

The exclusive, round Neptune snaffle is the perfect combination of exclusivity and beauty.

Has a removable head piece, cavesson and flash strap.  Reins not included.


Passier Icarus Double Bridle

The round, hook stud style double bridle with elegant browband with large strass crystals fulfills the highest expectations.

Reins not included

Passier Fortuna Snaffle Bridle

Passier Fortuna Snaffle.  Elasticated inserts below the headpiece give maximum poll comfort.  Reins not included.


Passier Padded Head Piece

Bridle poll pad with shaped gel moulding which can be easily attached with velcro straps.



Passier Apollo Snaffle

High quality soft leather snaffle bridle with a shaped padded headpiece and noseband. This stunning bridle includes a patent noseband and a waved crystal browband.  Reins not included.


Passier Webbed Reins

PASSIER Webbed Reins

Smooth web bridle reins with carefully made leather hand grips and practical stops.

Passier Leather Reins

PASSIER Plain Leather Reins

Nice leather reins with practical leather hand grips.

Passier Leather Laced Reins

PASSIER Leather Laced Reins

Elegant, sure-grip laced leather reins with practical stops.

Passier Soft Hand Rubber Reins

PASSIER Soft Rubber Reins

Elastic, flexible rubber reins with nobs and practical stops.

Passier Atlas Snaffle

Flat leather bridle with anatomically formed headpiece and noseband.  Beautiful large crystal waved browband.  Reins not included.

Passier Scorpius Snaffle

The flat hook stud style snaffle with its crystal browband is especially easy on the horse. Comes as standard without crank.  Soft padding behind the ears.  Reins not included.

Passier Aquarius Snaffle Bridle

Made from the finest quality leather.  Features a softly padded headpiece and ensures a perfect fit.  Reins not included.


Passier Boston Double Bridle

Passier's premier rolled double bridle is a work of art.  Hand made by craftsmen in Germany.  Stunning.

Passier Hubertus Schmidt Double bridle

Beautiful double bridle which has a padded head piece which is easy on the horse.

Comes in Black or Havanna

Reins not included

Cob, Full or Oversize

Passier Fortuna Double Bridle

This is a beautiful double bridle which comes with flat hook stud style which is particularly horse friendly.

Comes in Black or Havanna

Cob, Full or Oversize



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