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Schockemohle Anatomical Headpiece

SCHOCKEMOHLE Anatomical Headpiece

The anatomically shaped, narrow headpiece has a unique neck area that has been especially adapted to the horse's complicated neck anatomy.

Schockemohle Flat Half Rubber

SCHOCKEMOHLE Half Rubber Flat Leather Reins are carefully crafted to provide durability and anti-slip qualities.

Leather outer with rubber on the inside.

Schockemohle Weymouth Rein

Plain weymouth rein - choose from flat leather or rolled at the ends.

Schockemohle Belfort Double Bridle

The SCHOCKEMOHLE Belfort double bridle is perfect for competition or everyday use.

Comes with a wide crank noseband and a softly padded headpiece.

An elegant curved browband with big diamonds.

Schockemohle Slimford Snaffle Bridle

The SCHOCKEMOHLE Slimford bridle is designed for maximum comfort.

This bridle does not come with a flash.

Features two browbands: one plain and one crystal.

Schockemohle Equitus Alpha Snaffle Bridle

SCHOCKEMOHLE is setting new standards with the “EQUITUS“ bridle series comprising anatomically shaped bridles.

The Equitus Alpha bridle is designed for maximum comfort.

Schockemohle Venice Double Bridle

The SCHOCKEMOHLE Venice double bridle is specially developed for maximum comfort.

Anatomically shaped to minimise pressure on poll and neck.

Tapered noseband to avoid pinching.

Schockemohle Malibu Snaffle Bridle

The SCHOCKEMOHLE Malibu bridle is anatomically shaped to minimise pressure on the neck and poll.

The noseband and headpiece is padded for extra comfort.


Schockemohle Falsterbo Snaffle Bridle

The SCHOCKEMOHLE Falsterbo snaffle bridle comes with a crystal browband and a crank noseband.


Schockemohle Flat Full Rubber Rein

Schockemohle Full Rubber Rein

Beautiful soft every day rubber rein

Comfortable and easy to clean 

Schockemhole Rolled Full Rubber Rein

SCHOCKEMOHLE Rolled Full Rubber Reins are fantastic quality and great value, perfect everyday reins.

Available in black, with silver hook & stud.

Schockemohle Hamburg Snaffle Bridle
The SCHOCKEMOHLE Hamburg bridle wins with its elegant browband, decorated with small metal elements and rhinestones.
The softly padded head piece and noseband provide comfort.


Schockemohle Stanford Snaffle Bridle

The Schockemohle STANFORD bridle is designed for comfort and competition.

Anatomic design minimises pressure on poll and neck.

Comes with two browbands, one plain leather and one crystal.

Schockemhole Rolled Half Rubber Reins

SCHOCKEMOHLE Half Rubber Rolled Leather Reins are carefully crafted to provide durability and anti-slip qualities.

Schockemohle Equitus Zeta Snaffle Bridle

The Zeta bridle is padded with soft sheepskin which is heat compensating as well as breathable. The sheepskin is attached with velcro fasteners for easy cleaning (machine washable at 30).

Schockemohle Equitus Delta Snaffle Bridle

Focused on offering optimum comfort for the sensitive horse, the Schockemohle Equitus Delta Anatomic Bridle is an innovative design that avoids the main facial nerves and ensures that your horse's breathing is not restricted.

Schockemohle Den Haag Snaffle Bridle
The SCHOCKEMOHLE Den Haag bridle is rolled with combined crank noseband.
The slim and curved browband with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS create a light elegance.
Schockemohle Kentucky Snaffle Bridle

The SCHOCKEMOHLE Kentucky bridle features a two row Crystalized™ Swarovksi Elements browband, an extra wide crank noseband tapered to the sides and a removable padded head piece.

Schockemohle New York Double Bridle

The SCHOCKEMOHLE New York bridle comes with a wide crank roller buckle noseband.

New anatomic headpiece made for high quality leather.

Comes with a Swarovski crystal browband.

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