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Equestrian Stockholm Pink Pearl Pad http://www.classicdressage.com//images/pinkpearl.jpg

Everyone’s favorite classic - pink shell fabric with beautiful pearl details.

Inner material is quick dry and outer material is shiny dirt repellant. 

Equestrian Stockholm Pink Pearl Bandages http://www.classicdressage.com//images/bandages-pink.jpg

Luxurious bandage with silver and dusty pink detail.  Sold in a pack of four.

Equestrian Stockholm Performance Jacket http://www.classicdressage.com//images/50692560_10161483917025691_1463006645750595584_n.jpg

Equestrian Stockholm's best selling jacket in this eye-catching Moroccan Blue

Equestrian Stockholm Moroccan Blue Cap http://www.classicdressage.com//images/50560294_10161480941645691_5785307680558022656_n.jpg

Suede cap in the beautiful color Moroccan Blue!

Metal badge in color chrome placed in the left corner.

Equestrian Stockholm Gernadine Pad http://www.classicdressage.com//images/50279627_10161480940385691_8799042728437481472_n(1).jpg

With this color combination you will definitely stand out from the crowd!

Equestrian Stockholm Ice Blue Fly Hood http://www.classicdressage.com//images/50748213_10161480940575691_7633548428626100224_n.jpg

The nicest set this spring? Beautiful ear net in grey with ice blue and silver details.


Equestrian Stockholm Ice Blue Saddle Pad http://www.classicdressage.com//images/50750946_10161480939945691_4033907845035458560_n.jpg

Beautiful dressage saddle pad in ice blue color with grey details. Exclusive details with pearls and silver.  The saddle pad has ‘super quick dry’ inner material and shiny dirt repellant outer material  

Equestrian Stockholm Grenadine Bandages http://www.classicdressage.com//images/50690275_10161491285345691_8368232378795032576_n.jpg

Gorgeous quality fleece bandages. Luxurious details in silver and shiny Grenadine that matches perfectly with the ‘Grenadine’ section.

Sold in a package of four.

Equestrian Stockholm Ice Blue Bandages http://www.classicdressage.com//images/50730844_10161491285350691_7794075240790753280_n.jpg

Gorgeous quality fleece bandages in beautiful ice blue color with silver and ice blue details

Equestrian Stockholm Moroccan Saddle Pad http://www.classicdressage.com//images/50795503_10161480939960691_5834394028560351232_n.jpg

Moroccan Blue combined with grey edge and silver details is this collections favorite saddle pad!

Equestrian Stockholm Moroccan Fly Hood http://www.classicdressage.com//images/50771325_10161480940595691_5857644340096008192_n.jpg

Luxurious ear net in this season´s most beautiful color moroccan blue combined with gorgeous silver detail!

Equestrian Stockholm Moroccan Bandages http://www.classicdressage.com//images/50661407_10161491285320691_5262935156515143680_n.jpg

Luxurious bandage in this season's new Moroccan Blue.  Sold in a pack of four.

Equestrian Stockholm Grenadine Fly Hood http://www.classicdressage.com//images/50276862_10161480940420691_1137665999814787072_n.jpg

Luxurious ear net in this season´s most beautiful color Grenadine combined with georgeous silver details!

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