Facts European Safety Standard EN1384, which had been in existence for nearly 30 years, was withdrawn in December 2014 .... More

Safety First! Are you due an upgrade on your riding helmet? Check out our guide …..

Julia | 14/03/2017 15:19:57

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Otto Schumacher make the most coveted accessories for horse and rider!  The new ‘Crystal Rocks’ medley browbands come in black leather in Cob or Full.  We offering these at a special price of £75 in the run up to Christmas. .... More

The Ultimate £99 or less Gift Guide!

Julia | 01/12/2016 12:13:08

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  We understand how hard it is to find just the right gift for a special person – so here’s some help!  If you don’t have a large budget you can still make an impression and buy something gorgeous …... Our beautiful Otto Schumacher stockpins are now an even better price than before – and all.... More

The Ultimate £20 or less Gift Guide!

Julia | 08/11/2016 12:01:21

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At Classic Dressage we operate on a combination of quality, price and style!  Everything we choose must fulfil these criteria so that we guarantee to deliver value for money.  We also know how challenging it is to ride and look after horses in the winter.  If we can make that any easier by helping you choose functional clothing.... More

A beautiful collection of Winter Clothing for the Active Equestrian Enthusiast!

Julia | 10/10/2016 15:05:27

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Classic Goldstrike.  5yo By Tango.  Bought as a 3yo by Classic Dressage and Hughes Dressage At Classic Dressage we have been helping people find their ideal horse for many years.  Rebecca Hughes and Julia Hornig created their business nearly 20 years ago and alongside buying and producing youngsters, have been on hundreds of trips to Europe to.... More

Some horses found by specialist Rebecca Hughes at Classic Dressage

Julia | 14/09/2016 15:30:31

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