Everything you need to know about PS of Sweden Bridles

   Words by Julia

   on 29/01/2018 15:25:00



This is a new brand to us and has really caught the eye of our customers – it looks different and really is different!  So here’s a guide to introduce you to the brand and explain what you are getting for your money.

Most is in stock but we’re still waiting for reins.

We’ll start immediately with the unique feature – the elastic cradle where your bit rings sit – in the cheek pieces.  Here’s a large image so look carefully at the bit ring – it’s sitting in an elastic loop.  The idea is that your horse has no fixed pressure from the pol to the bit and never feels trapped.  And in addition, PS of Sweden reins also come with this elastic cradle to the bit – which can be a help for novice riders or extra sensitive horses as a training aid. 

Now the very important bit – this elastic feature does not have to be used – it’s easy to slip out of the bit ring.  And it IS BD LEGAL.  You can see the elastic feature clearly in both images below.

Last piece of crucial information – all these bridles come with a throat lash –  but it’s only the PIONEER that is BD legal without throat lash.  All others need throat lash to make the bridle BD legal.


Cheeckcradle Cheekcradle2


We’ve chosen to stock three bridles which we have displayed below.  All come with the unique elastic cradle in the cheek pieces and reins.  The PK Double bridle has the additional benefit of an elastic strip on the noseband so that you can never over tighten it and your horse won’t feel trapped.  The Flying Changes bridle has a detachable flash strap.


Pioneer 2 flying change 2 Flying Change Deluxe PK Double Bridle (2)
Pioneer Bridle.  Noseband adjusts
in 3 places  £200
Flying Changes snaffle.  Detachable flash strap.  £245 Flying Changes patent snaffle.  Detachable flash strap.  £300 PK Double Bridle with elastic concept noseband.  £499


Star  The bridles are designed with a broad and shaped headpiece to spread the pressure and avoid the ears.

Star  The browbands clip on – easily – so that can even change browband with the bridle on your horse.

Star  All PS of Sweden bridles are made from English or Italian ECO-friendly leather



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