Let’s talk bluntly about spurs

   Words by Julia

   on 23/03/2018 17:03:36


“Spurs may be worn at all levels (in British Dressage) and are mandatory from advanced level upwards”

“Excessive use of spurs is forbidden”

“Rowels with points must have rounded ends”

“Only blunt spurs without rowels may be worn for 4& 5year old Young Horse classes”

All from the current 2018 British Dressage rule book and all sensible.  There are so many reasons why spurs are a complicated subject but it should be.  We know that whips and spurs are simply artificial aids. Natural aids are your seat, weight, legs and hands. Artificial aids act to reinforce the natural ones.  Spurs aren't there to be used every time your leg is placed on. You should be able to actively apply your leg aid without using the spur. A good trainer does not allow their pupil to wear spurs until they have developed a degree of independence of seat and use of leg.  Proper use of the spur takes knowledge and experience.

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Some examples of the most popular spurs and why …..  And for a chance to win a pair of Sprenger spurs why not have a guess at who is the rider and the horse in each of the images below!  Just email us with your list julia@classicdressage.com for images 1-8.  This offer includes any of the the spurs shown below and ends 31st April 2018.  Answers if you scroll down!


Spur1 Spur2 Spur3 Spur4
Image 1 – Large rowel with blunt 9 points.  2.5 or 3.5cm shank available.  For more ‘jump’ Image 2 – Little round rowel.  2.5 or 3.5cm shank available.
For a small, immediate aid
Image 3 – Big round rowel. 
2.5 or 3.5cm shank available.
For a small, immediate aid
Image 4 – Downward pointing with round ball end.  2 or 3cm shank available.  Perfect for young horses
47435_004_55 47425_006_55 47425_005_55 47531_000_55_6


Spur5 Spur6 Spur7 Spur8
Image 5 – Straight shank with blunt end.  2.5 or 3.5cm shank available.  Perfect for young horses that need more ‘jump’ Image 6 – Downward pointing with round ball end.  2.5 or 3.5cm shank available.
Perfect for young horses
Image 7 – Little round rowel.
2.5 or 3.5cm shank available.
For a small immediate aid
Image 8 – Comfort roller.  Horizontal or Vertical.  2.5 or 3.5cm shank available.  Horizontal – now BD/FEI legal -helps prevent rubs
47525_100_55_9 47531_000_55_6 47425_006_55 47562_009_55 (1)


So remember – as summarised by The Self Sufficient Horseman:

     Star Artificial aids are meant to reinforce the natural ones, not replace them.

     Star One should always be educated in the proper use of the artificial aids before attempted use.

     Star Never target blame of abuse toward the object, it's always the person using it.

     Star And beware, you never know who may be watching you...

So it's not about the whips or spurs, it's how you use them!

Image 1 Gareth Hughes and Classic Sandman


Image 2 Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro


Image 3 Gareth Hughes and Classic Briolinca

CDI Roosendaal 2016
© DigiShots


Image 4 Rebecca Hughes and Classic Flamboyant


Image 5 Phoebe Peters and Classic Flamboyant


Image 6 Rebecca Hughes and Classic Goldstrike


Image 7 Carl Hester and Nip Tuck


Image 8 Rebecca Hughes and Classic Agassi


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