Probably the most famous girth in the world ….

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Did you know that the Fairfax Girth is probably the most famous in the world?  Designed in 2011, the new girth was about to be launched in February when Vanessa Fairfax had a telephone call from the Britain’s World Class Performance Director Will Connell.  His question?  To request the company to delay it’s launch because he felt that this new girth could give the British Olympic Team an edge at London 2012.   This top-secret project gained some funding after this and the rest really is history.   Our dressage team rose to a meteoric victory with Team and Individual Gold at the London Olympics.  The research that went into this top-secret project proved scientifically that the girth can improve your horse’s range of movement and stride length,  also reducing asymmetry within the horse’s movement.  It applies up to 85% less pressure at the key spots where a girth “bites”.

girth2 girthNG

The Classic Fairfax Girth – the optimum shape.  Sizes 22-34”  Leather £220 or Prolite £89

The Narrow Guage Fairfax Girth.  Sizes 22-30”  Leather £220 or Prolite £89

Yes there are many copies of this type of anatomical girth.  However as Vanessa Fairfax says “Our curvature is different.  The angle of our buckles is different.  And we have a floating edge”  What this means is that the edge of the girth is not firm against the horse’s belly – so that the horse’s muscle can move freely backwards and forwards as he moves, even though he has a girthed up saddle and rider on board.

Handy tips and bite-sizes pieces of information Star

StarDid you know that it’s fine to keep your girth draped over the saddle?  Belly shaped is good too!

StarDid you know that you should buy your Fairfax girth in as large a size as possible?  That will make if more effective.

StarThe optimum design is the classic Fairfax girth.  The narrow guage was introduced because of the modern warmblood shape (eg where both front legs come out of the same hole!!)

Do you want to reduce pressure to the bridle area by 84%?  Do you want to reduce force to the bridle area by 77%?  Do you want to achieve greater forelimb extension?  Do you want to achieve increased knee and hock flexion? 

If the answer is YES to all four – what are you waiting for!  The Fairfax bridles are the first to be based on scientific research and proven to do all these things.  So much has been written about these gorgeous bridles that we are running our own trial and fitting day here at our base in Warwickshire on Wednesday 21st June.  To book a space email

DoubleBriolinca DropGestion SnaffleFlamboyant bridle-six-key-zones-of-pressure

Classic Briolinca models the Fairfax Double. 

Gestion models the Fairfax Drop noseband Snaffle.

Classic Flamboyant models the Fairfax Cavesson Snaffle

The six points of pressure that these bridles address

So if you are in love with your Fairfax bridle – have you thought about the stunning new Fairfax headcollar?  Commissioned by the BEF to improve the comfort of the Team GB horses during the long journey to Rio, this headcollar features the signature headpiece which significantly reduces pressure.  Cushioned with Prolite on the headpiece, cheek pieces and noseband and is 30% lighter than most other travel headcollars used.  And best of all, the price includes a personalised brass nameplate!  Usually 3 weeks from order to delivery.  £180.  Comes in 3 sizes and either black or brown leather – handmade in Walsall, UK.


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